News>HMI Group Mastered Water-Soluble CBD Technology being Gained Attention from the World
HMI Group Mastered Water-Soluble CBD Technology being Gained Attention from the World
April 23rd,2019 by HempInvestmentGroup

Industrial hemp brought a hot wave into capital market beginning from North America in 2019. More and more people keep a watchful eye on industrial hemp. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a most popular extract from industrial hemp for its pharmacological activity advantages of anti-anxiety, anti-psychosis, anti-depression, anti-convulsion, anti-nausea, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-rheumatism and anti-tumor. CBD is a kind of fat soluble extracts. Its applications are limited for its water-insolubility.

HMI Group R&D team has solved the water-insolubility of CBD which will make full use of CBD and expand the application of CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) itself is very slightly soluble in water, floating in the initial stage of water, and settling after wetting. This product adopts CBD nano-chemical and preparation instant technology to create water-soluble CBD products with nano-level, high content, high solubility, rapid dissolution, wide application, clarity and transparency after water dissolving and other characteristics.

HMI Group developed the water-soluble CBD in line with the national pharmacopoeia standards. The whole process of procurement, production and packaging was carried out in accordance with the pharmaceutical production regulations, and advanced quality control standards established to ensure the safety, stability and uniformity of the products. It has the following incomparable advantages and characteristics:

A.    Adopting Nano-technology, the CBD particle size of the product can reach in 50nm after it dissolved in water;

B.     High content, the content of CBD in the drug load of the product is 10 ~ 20% (g/g), which has obvious advantages over than other water-soluble CBD products.

C.     High solubility, it can dissolve 20g/L which can greatly reduce the single dosage of solution.

D.    Dissolve rapidly, the product can be quickly dissolved in a few seconds after being added to the water-based medium.

E.     Widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics,

F.      It’s clear and transparent after being dissolved in water, with good visual effect.

G.    It has good stability without deteriorate after long storage.

HMI Group subsidiary company group Hanyi Bio-tech is a company mainly engaged in new drugs based on cannabinoid, health food and daily chemical products R&D and the commercialization of biological pharmaceutical company. Hanyi Bio-tech attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights which has applied for more than 90 domestic and international invention patents in the field of bio-pharmaceuticals & healthcare.

The breakthrough in the water-soluble technology of HMI Group has attracted the attention of Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Nestle and other internationally renowned enterprises.  HMI Group bring a bright future of China industrial hemp developing in the world.