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HMI and the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities
March 29th,2017 by HMI Group

On January 14 to 16, 2017, the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities Council Meeting and Academic Conference was held in Beijing. The conference was jointly organized by Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as HMI Group) and Harbin Medical University. At the meeting, medical experts and representatives of advanced research companies from China and Russia gathered around. They discussed hot topics of the global medical researches in-depth.

What is the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities?

The Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities is the largest and most universities involved alliance between colleges and universities in Russia and China. It has successfully established a platform for Russian and Chinese medical universities to exchange information and technology, and set up a new bridge for the cooperation of Russian and Chinese medical and health fields.

Speeches on the Meeting

Mr. Tan Xin, the chairman of HMI Group as well as the President of China Hemp Research Institute, issued an academic speech named “Industrial Hemp – Medical Treasures Waiting for Development”. He emphasized the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana, talked about the application of hemp in medical field. And he also mentioned the legalization of industrial hemp around the world, highlighted the medicinal use of industrial hemp extracts CBD and THC.

Mr. Yang Baofeng, who is an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the president of Harbin Medical University, proposed hemp seeds had high medicinal values. He also mentioned that hemp extract CBD can effectively cure Melancholia.

What Can We Do for the Development of Medical Science?

HMI Group has established close cooperation with the domestic and foreign research institutes, to discover the potential and value of hemp application in human health field. Cooperated with Harbin Medical University, HMI Group is developing antitumor drugs and antidepressants by using hemp extracts, as well as drugs to cure other diseases.

Yunnan Hansu Bio-technology Limited Company, wholly owned subsidiary of HMI Group, has achieved the “Industrial Hemp Processing License” authorized by Yunnan province government, which provides the legal and government guarantee for HMI group to deal with industrial hemp products for solving medical problems effectively.

Han Yi Biotechnology Limited Company, wholly owned subsidiary of HMI Group, is researching and developing a new antiepileptic Chinese drug with hemp extract CBD. Its name is “Hemp Polyphenols Tablet”. It has been listed in Beijing’s “Ten Serious Diseases and Specific Medicines” project and has got special financial support from Beijing government.