News>HMI Group & Dezhan Healthcare jointly carry out on R&D of cannabinoid small molecule drugs
HMI Group & Dezhan Healthcare jointly carry out on R&D of cannabinoid small molecule drugs
March 27th,2019 by HMI Group

Peter Tan (Chairman of HMI Group), Dr.Eric Wang (General Manager of Hanyi Bio-technology Company Ltd.), Dr.Xing Junbo (President of Hanyi Bio-tech Academy), Du Yesong (ACBJ of Dezhan Healthcare) and Dr.Liu Ye (CEO of Beijing Honghui Meitech Co.,Ltd ) held a meeting in Beijing headquarter of HMI Group on Mar.26th ,2019. They reached an intention of cooperation after in-depth discussions on clinical indications, new drug development and application of cannabinoid small molecule compounds.

Hanyi Bio-technology Company Ltd (Hanyi Bio-tech) wholly-owned subsidiaries of HMI Group founded in May 2015, as the defining age bio-pharmaceutical company based on the technology research, product development and commercial operation of the whole industry chain of industrial hemp. Hanyi Bio-tech was committed to the application and research of the full components of cannabinoids, and established a profound cooperative relationship with a number of well-known experts in China. It has established research and innovative technology platforms for hemp breeding, cultivation, extraction, separation and pharmacological research.

Beijing Honghui Meitech Co.,Ltd (BHM) is a medicine high-tech enterprise founded in 2002 by the returned students in Zhongguancun. The company has always been committed to domestic and international advanced medical technology development, technical service and technology transfer since its inception, and has a wealth of expertise and management experience in the field of medical outsourcing.

Peter Tan introduced the development history of industrial hemp in China and the background and process of global hemp legalization. Hemp has been regarded as the use of traditional Chinese medicine in ancient China. According to Compendium of Materia Medica recorded hemp can cure memory loss. In 1936, hemp was listed as a drug in the world. In 1989, China joined the United Nations drug control organization. 34 countries around the world will fully legalize medical hemp in Jan, 2019. The farm bill would fully legalize industrial hemp at the federal level passed in Dec, 2018. Industrial hemp (THC <0.3%) is legal in China. It’s a perfect opportunity to join the global scientific community in studying the medically valuable plant of hemp for Chinese scientists.

Dr. Eric Wang added that CBD one of the cannabinoids becoming a great drug. Its medical value of other cannabinoids has been gradually discovered and revealed, prompting drug researchers to expand the research scope to other cannabinoids and new targets besides CBD with the deepening of research. Clinically proved that CBD is effective in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Experiments showed that CBD has a reversal effect on Alzheimer, Parkinson and other degenerative diseases, and it also shows good efficacy in anti-depression, anti-anxiety, idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, pain relief and other aspects.

Next, HMI Group & Dezhan Healthcre will carry out the close substantive cooperation on research of new cannabinoid compounds and CBD used to treat rare diseases and major diseases such as cancer that seriously affect human health, and they will set up a special development to carry out the development and research of new drugs.