News>HMI Group & Japanese Clinical Association of Cannabinoids (JCAC) jointly advocate and promote the legalization of industrial hemp
HMI Group & Japanese Clinical Association of Cannabinoids (JCAC) jointly advocate and promote the legalization of industrial hemp
March 26th,2019 by HMI Group

Peter Tan (Chairman of HMI Group) and みずの ともひこ(Director of JCAC) with his accompanied representative Lv Junwei had a meeting for discussing the current status and cooperation of CBD industry between China and Japan on Mar.19th.

JCAC aimed to promote cannabinoid studies and exchange knowledge.

みずの ともひこ(Director of JCAC) said that industrial hemp market was not very open and not formed a unified regulatory system. The technology of extraction CBD from the hemp stem and seeds could not reach the level of China and US. Our CBD oil only used for food and pets without widely using in medical. JCAC was the only association that made R&D of industrial hemp in medical using. The medical industry of industrial hemp in Japan was urgent to promote legislation, supervision and testing system construction, capital and technology injection, market planning and implementation. On the one hand, みずの ともひこwas trying to actively unite major lawmakers of all parties in Japan, preparing to establish a non-partisan coalition of lawmakers in the congress, and actively promoting the legislative process of Japan’s CBD with reference to the latest regulations of the United States. On the other hand, he hoped to cooperate with powerful enterprises to accelerate clinical research and commercial operation of cannabinoid, which was also an important purpose for the negotiation.

みずの ともひこ expressed that Japan entered the aging society earlier than China with large proportion Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy. Preclinical study shows that CBD is helpful on the diseases. HMI Group well-known CBD supplier is an international leader in the field of R&D on CBD. みずの ともひこ hoped that the business and products HMI Group could quickly enter Japan market which can supply supports and help for JCAC on legislation & application of CBD.

Peter Tan introduced the development hemp industry in details of China. China had a long history of industrial hemp cultivation with 3 provinces legislation in hemp cultivating. HMI Group is a legal investment company in China focusing on the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp and the direction of biopharmaceutical which obtained industrial hemp processing license. HMI Group was the first industrial hemp plant extraction factory in China with more than 90 patents made a good business relationship with US, Canada and Japan. The factory was built conforming to the standard of GMP and it applies alcohol soluble fluid crystallization technology to isolate the non-psychoactive ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp flowers and leaves, which has a positive and profound influence to health care industry

Peter Tan acknowledged みずの ともひこwork and Japanese market, and said it was the best time to promote the legalization of industrial hemp and CBD. US had fully legalized industrial hemp and CBD at the federal level. United Nations was holding a meeting to discuss the removal CBD from the list of internationally controlled substances. Peter Tan said the legalization of global industrial hemp is an inevitable trend. He will support みずの ともひこ on the legalization of industrial hemp after in-depth communication.

JCAC the official cooperative organization of IACM was established for health care workers in September 2015 to accelerate cannabinoid researches and projects in Japan which aimed to promote cannabinoid studies and exchange knowledge. JCAC plans to gain permission for cannabinoid clinical researches in Japan with a help of researchers and health care workers, who have interests in cannabinoid research. We are currently encouraging doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and researchers to join JCAC and obtain membership. Our first JCAC-edited book “Cannabinoid no kagaku – Science of Cannabinoid” was published on September 27th at the commemorative meeting.