News>Peter Tan (Chairman of HMI Group) shares he historic opportunity of industrial hemp reported by “Securities Times”
Peter Tan (Chairman of HMI Group) shares he historic opportunity of industrial hemp reported by “Securities Times”
March 6th,2019 by HMI Group

Galaxy Biomed, Meilleure Health International Group & SHUNHO STOCK” industrial hemp concept stock rose to limited price in 2019. HMI Group has attracted extensive media attentions as a unicorn of industrial hemp industry in China, Peter Tan (Chairman of HMI Group) shares he historic opportunity of industrial hemp reported by “Securities Times

It only opens a small beginning of industrial hemp for medical used which needs the pharmaceutical industry to pull together.

China has a long history for growing industrial hemp.Yunnan province issued policies to support the development of industrial hemp industry due to the army’s demand for industrial hemp fiber which started the legal cultivation of industrial hemp in China in 2010. HMI Group devoted itself into the industrial hemp industry on industrial application, medical application and FMCG application and targeting on the development of medical application of industrial hemp in 2013.

Peter Tan said that he stuck with it so many years getting such a historic opportunity. He hoped that the domestic pharmaceutical industry would join hands invest in R&D of industrial hemp, especially the development of CBD. Many people knew more about industrial hemp from Charlotte successful case. A child who had 300 seizures per month was able to control the number of seizures to 4 times per month by using CBD.

The world’s first CBD drug for treating children epilepsy was approved by the FDA on International Day against Drug Abuse on June 26th 2018.

CBD have been clearly studied for anti-inflammatory among more than 100 cannabinoids identified. Its anti-cancer using is waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to develop. In addition, more research is needed on the medical value of cannabinoids.

Peter Tan said that HMI Group has done a lot of preliminary basic researches on Alzheimer, Parkinson, Depression, Diabetes, Dsoriasis and other diseases. HMI Group will take it out and cooperate with domestic excellent pharmaceutical enterprises to jointly develop new drug.

There are 26 companies reported 27 new drugs related to CBD. Peter Tan said that we can’t wait. GW’s CBD drug for children’s epilepsy includes 98% CBD and 2% for help absorption. A course of treatment for one year costs $32,500, which is not affordable for an ordinary family. China also need to develop domestic CBD drugs.

The market for industrial hemp requirements can reach 1000 tons. It is an important direction that international giants are deploying to make some FMCG products. Coca-Cola wants to make CBD relaxation drinks, and red bull in Austria is also purchasing some industrial hemp extracts for experiments to develop new drinks.

Altria, the maker of Marlboro cigarette is investing on CBD companies for using of industrial hemp on e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are also an important application field of industrial hemp in the future.

Facing the hot trends of industrial hemp concept ,Peter Tan says that he is willing to see hemp industry rapidly development ,We need pay attention in the process of the development of industrial hemp keep safety. The country should unify the planning and deployment to the industrial hemp, which can make our country industrial hemp industry reach top competition over the world.

Editor GU Huizhong /Securities Times