News>Industrial hemp was introduced into sports goods industry for the first time by HMI Group
Industrial hemp was introduced into sports goods industry for the first time by HMI Group
July 13th,2017 by HempInvestmentGroup

A delegation led by HMI chief operating officer Chen Yue, Hantong New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of HMI) Chairman Gao Zhan and Li Ning (China) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. supply chain manager visits three clothes and textile companies in southern China from June 21th to June 25th this year. All parties exchanged their ideas on “Industrial Hemp Application on Sports Goods Industry” and reached an initial cooperation intention. 

All sides make an in-depth discussion in the industrial hemp fiber’s application on the sports goods clothing, vamp, integrated textile and hosiery materials. Industrial hemp fiber boasts for its moisture absorption, breathable, soft, antibacterial, anti-mildew, anti-ultraviolet radiation features. Introducing industrial hemp fiber to sports goods industry will enable people to enjoy sport more comfortably and healthily, driving the industry innovation of sport goods industry. 

“As the largest sports goods retailer in China, Lining has always been eager to explore new material, promoting China’s products to the international market. The application of hemp fiber in sports goods will definitely accelerate its development”, Lining supply chain manager said.

“Introducing industrial hemp to sports goods industry is very promising and feasible”, HMI chief operating officer Chen Yue’s expressed. HMI will continually deepen the industrial analysis and industrial layout, driving technology innovation and actively expanding the scope of the industrial hemp. This cooperation fully exhibits the close integration of modern technology and traditional textile industry, which will exert profound influence in the industrial hemp development.

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