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Chairman Tan Xin is Engaged in Hemp Industry
March 24th,2017 by HMI Group

Recently, Mr. Tan Xin, Chairman of Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. appeared on the front page of China Profiles Magazine. During the interview, he talked about why he chose hemp industry and what to do to promote industry development.

Since 2015, Tan Xin has possessed many identities

On micro-blog, WeChat, Today’s Headlines and numerous Chinese social media platforms, he is “Tan Xin, the father of CBD in China”(Tan Xin CBD zhi fu). He insists on updating information independently on these media platforms every morning, to spread hemp industry information at home and abroad. Although he is in charge of 11 companies, in spare time, he likes to manage his own WeChat Subscription in study. To interact with fans and promote the development of hemp industry is his destination.

In the eyes of relatives and friends, he shouldn’t invest in the hemp industry, because the plant is dangerous. Nevertheless, Mr.Tan Xin has his own decision that he talked about hemp in parties and around WeChat Subscription. Hemp industry is hopeful, and he is the pioneer to go forward without fear.

In the eyes of the staff, he is generous that he often send red packets on festivals. And he is named “political commissar Tan” for giving ideological guidance.

In addition, he is the president of the China’s Academy of Hemp Research, and initiated the establishment of the Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovation for Hemp Industry. While, his core identity is the Chairman of Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. He is a pioneer in China’s hemp industry, who actively promotes the industry to flourish and determines to be a world leader in the field of hemp bio-pharmaceutical industry.

MR.Yang Baofeng is an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and also the president of Harbin Medical University who has been engaged in medicine research for a long time. He commented, it is enterprising for Tan Xin to break the prejudices of thousands of years to devote in hemp industry, and a man of great courage must have great deeds.

About His Career

In 2016, Tan Xin established the first overseas branch in the state of Nevada. Considering the policy and the cost of planting, he established the second overseas branch in Canada in 2017. In the second half, we will pay attention to the pension market of Japan, for CBD products are newly emerging health care necessity products in Japan. He is talktive When refers to his strategic layout: we plan to set up a branch in Israel as a result of it’s strong scientific force, and we will also establish branches in Slovenia and other countries, from North America to Europe.

At the end of 2016, under Tan Xin’s advocating, Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. launched a 10 billion fund – China Hemp Industry Fund. It aims to integrate medical technology, online and offline channels and overseas high-quality assets in hemp industry.

For future planning, Tan Xin said that Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. will build a new industrial cluster whose core is the hemp industry, and construct industrial parks. Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. will combine with others to develop areas like pharmaceutical, health food, cosmetics, new materials, non-woven fiber applications and so on. We aims to promote upgrading of traditional industries, and sets a goal of achieving industrial hemp comprehensive utilization output over 100 billion in the next five years.

About Charity

Tan Xin reckons that, as an entrepreneur, to take social responsibility positively is to protect the enterprise reputation and social image. It not only makes enterprise to repay society, but also shows the enterprise’s long-term determination to devote.

Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. donates 5 million yuan annually to Beijing Water Resource Conservation Fund, because we have seen a future risk: the world is now fighting for oil, one day we will fight for water. Tan Xin said, we want to raise awareness of people to do more good things for our next generation. In fact, donation is not important, it is more important to do things.

“There are only three things in life, to choose, to insist, and to cherish.” Tan Xin said.