News>HMI Group plans million acres of industrial hemp planting base in Hei Longjiang
HMI Group plans million acres of industrial hemp planting base in Hei Longjiang
March 16th,2017 by HempInvestmentGroup

On March 15th to 16th, 2017Mr. Tan Xin, chairman of the HMI Group, together with Mr. Yang Baofeng, academician of China Academy of Engineering and President of Harbin Medical University and Mr. Guo Kaizhu, chairman of Xin long Group, went to Heihe city Hei which is located in Hei Longjiang Province of northeast China. They investigated the development of hemp industry and reached agreement for hemp project cooperation

According to Mr. Tan Xin’s opinion, the HMI Group is planning to build new industrial cluster with hemp industry as the core and establishing cooperation with industry leaders in the area of pharmaceuticals, health food, cosmetic products, new materials, and non-woven fiber applications to promote the upgrading of traditional industries. The target in the next 5 years is to achieve 100 billion in hemp comprehensive utilization.

Mr. Tan Xin said, “We are establishing the world-class enterprise through the combination of industry and capital. In five years, the industry hemp seed company, the extraction company and bio-pharmaceuticals company are going to be listed. The whole market value are going to be over 100 billion.”

Through friendly consultations, Heihe Municipal Government and HMI Group reached a consensus that the source of the seed varieties should be recommended by HMI Group, and industrial hemp production would be in accordance with the principle of consistency, safety and effectiveness. Xie Baolu and Tan Xin respectively signed the hemp industry strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of two sides.

During the visit in Heihe (Sun Wu) Health Industrial Park, Mr. Yang Baofeng, Mr. Tanxin and Mr. Guo Kaizhu discussed about the park master plan and infrastructure construction, aiming to speed up the process of cooperation in hemp projects.