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HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center Established
August 12th,2019 by HMI Group

HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center was established under the top priority and full support of Kunming Xishan People’s Government on Aug. 9th2019. Peter Tan (Chairman of HMI Group), Chen Ruibin (Deputy Secretary, Chief Executive of Xishan district), Zhou Zhenghe (Deputy Director of MIIT), Li Rulin (Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Chief of Xishan district) and the leaders from Development and Reform Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology Bureau, Business Investment Promotion Bureau, Auditing Bureau, Statistical Bureau, Health Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Agricultural and Rural Bureau hosted and attended the opening ceremony.

HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center will combine with HMI Group Industrial Hemp Breeding Center and Extracting Base to stimulate innovation vitality & industrial competitiveness of HMI Group, which will make great progress on industrial hemp over the worldwide.

Peter Tan as the representative of HMI Group expressed the most heartfelt gratitude to the Government, Colleagues in the industry and personages of all circles.

Peter Tan said that Xishan District Government exerted the government functions of industry guidance & service and gave full support to HMI Group developing on industrial hemp. Hansu (Extracting Base of HMI Group) has become a famous company of Yunnan on hemp industry.HMI Group would contribute more to the hemp industry with the establishing of HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center.


HMI Group is committed to promoting the industrial revolution of biomass to replace minerals and becoming becoming a world-renowned company in hemp comprehensive application industry. As the leading company in international and domestic hemp industry, HMI Group is opposed to the legalization of all forms of recreational hemp. For years, HMI Group has made positive contribution to the vigorous development of industrial use and medical use of hemp in China and made great achievements in setting industry standards and norms. HMI Group focuses on the whole industrial chain investment of industrial hemp, from breeding, planting, extraction, R&D to production and sales worldwidely, covering areas of biopharmaceutical, food, health food, beauty and cosmetics, medical devices, textiles, new materials, etc.HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center will speed up R&D of biopharmaceutical and health terminal products.

Li Rulin as the representative of Xishan District Government expressed warm congratulations on HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center establishing.

Li Rulin said that HMI Group subsidiary Hansu was the leading representative of strategic emerging industries. Hansu has made outstanding contribution to biomedical field of Xishan district.

HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center established in Xishan district which indicated that the R&D capacity of industrial hemp reaching a new level with significant breakthroughs covering cultivating, extracting, R&D and processing. It has laid a solid foundation for the gradual expansion of industrial hemp application in pharmaceutical, food, health, beauty and other industries, and will play a leading and driving role in enhancing the competitiveness of hemp industry in Kunming city. As a local government, would continue to provide more preferential policies, better development environment and service to HMI Group.

HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center established in Yunnan province  indicated that HMI Group ‘s hemp industrial cluster project has landed in Yunnan. The center would give full play to the advantages and improve the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements. HMI Group (Kunming) Tech Center would become a famous mark of HMI Group even Xishan District.