News>HMI Group Subsidiary Company Hansu Became a Shareholder of ACGT
HMI Group Subsidiary Company Hansu Became a Shareholder of ACGT
April 24th,2019 by HMI Group

HMI Group & ACGT has signed a cooperation agreement after several rounds of consultations. The both parties will give full play to their respective core strengths conducting in-depth cooperation in the fields of industrial hemp breeding, plant identification, extraction, purification and new drugs development. HMI Group authorized its subsidiary company Hansu to cooperate with ACGT. Hansu holds 35% stake as ACGT largest shareholder.

HMI Group said that the industrial hemp industry was becoming one of the important driving elements of enabling social economy, controlling rare diseases and accelerating the transformation of traditional industries among the world. The cooperation with ACGT would create “chemical reaction”, not only release the influence in the industry level, will also expand more on the provenance protection, gene identification and target to the standardization of medical application prospect. HMI Group would let more people enjoy the good experience of industrial hemp in the future.

ACGT said Canada was the first G7 country of fully legalization hemp. The hemp industry was booming. ACGT would as soon as possible to carry out the cooperation agreement with HMI Group. with the market demand, ACGT would provide high quality CBD and other cannabinoids and R&D new drugs in Canadian market.

HMI Group is a legal investment company in China focusing on the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp and the direction of biopharmaceutical. HMI Group focuses on the whole industrial chain investment of industrial hemp, from breeding, planting, extraction, R&D to production and sales over the world.

ACGT Corporation was established in Toronto in 1995. ACGT has been dedicated to the oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA sequencing services for over 20 years, providing quality products and services to hospital and university labs and as well to companies locally, across Canada and globally. ACGT has applied for the license of grow and extract hemp following the medical hemp legalization in Canada.

Hansu is the CBD extraction industry standardizer designated by GOC (the government of China) which used the raw materials all from industrial hemp cultivation bases certified by the European Union providing a strong guarantee for the consistency, safety and effectiveness of the products. Hansu can extract no psychoactive active ingredients from industrial hemp which is only factory can extract Cannflavin A and supplying highly competitive products to the world including CBD in different purity. Hansu obtained the patent for the extraction process of hemp the critical patent for the extraction of industrial hemp in China. The cooperation is one of the turning points of technology upgrading overseas.

The cooperation will lay a solid foundation for the rapid establishment of business cooperation between the two sides and develop the industrial hemp industry.