News>HMI Group Steps into Maternal and Child Industry through the Application of Hemp Fiber
HMI Group Steps into Maternal and Child Industry through the Application of Hemp Fiber
September 29th,2017 by HMI Group
On Sep. 27, Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd.(HMI Group) officially signs an agreement with the Kids Design Week of Beijing Design Week and the Polytechnic University of Milan to start the R&D of hemp maternal and child products. It shows that hemp fiber technology, which once was the military technology in China, will not only integrate into the civilian industry goods but also step into the international market. 

The focus of this tripartite cooperation is maternal and child clothing and kid toys, which will promote the creative cooperation among countries, provide China’s solution for global maternal and child products development and spread China’s willingness for environment protection.

“Recognized by the world as “the king of the natural fiber, hemp fiber also possesses environmental friendly feature, since it doesn’t require fertilizer and pesticide during its planting and growth”, introduced by HMI Group president Tan Xin. 

What’s more, hemp fiber also boasts for its quick moisture absorption, natural anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, anti-mite, anti-ultraviolet radiation and soft features, fully meeting the product consumption demands for maternal and child clothing and kids toys.

Besides the advantages of hemp fiber, HMI Group enjoys the advantages of provenance and technology, which can comprehensively ensure the product safety. HMI Group’s seed resource “Hemp NO.1”, co-cultivated with Hei Longjiang Academy of Science takes the lead in China.

Wang Yudong, executive vice director of Beijing Design Week expressed: “It is glad to witness hemp fiber being applied to the maternal and child industry except the military defense field. Through this international cooperation, more family will enjoy the benefits of hemp fiber. This tripartite cooperation demonstrates the integration of military and civilian and the reorganization of resources among the international strength.”

 “We are very pleased to set up this unique project with HMI Group and KDW and we are confident to create fashionable and safe hemp products for maternal and child industry consumers through combining world-class design resources”, Professor Francesco Zurlo, Dean of the School of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan said.

It is reported the first batch of hemp maternal and child design products will debut on 2018 Milan Design Week and the finished products will be displayed on 2018 Beijing Design Week.

The Beijing Design Week and Kid Design Week is held at Beijing’s China World Summit Wing. Experts, business leaders and media representatives from kid design and design education industries etc. all take part in this design week to share and discuss the social innovation trend behind the maternal and child industry. Director of Beijing Design Week Zeng Hui, president of HMI Group Tan Xin, professors from Qinghua University, Polytechnic University of Milan, Central Saint Martin College, Italian ambassador to China etc. all attend the Kid Design Week.