News>CBD is Discovered as an Effective Treatment for Influenza by Hanyi Bio-technology
CBD is Discovered as an Effective Treatment for Influenza by Hanyi Bio-technology
September 12th,2017 by HempInvestmentGroup

Hanyi Bio-technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of HMI Group, discovered CBD as an effective treatment for influenza recently. The study is conducted by Dr. Li Xiangdong from China Agriculture University through deeply exploring of the scientific effects of CBD and screening different indications.

The study has shown that CBD is quite effective to treat influenza, especially the influenza A. It is for the first time an international discovery that finds CBD has the pharmacological effect on treating influenza. At the same time, Hanyi Bio-technology has acquired the independent intellectual property rights and formed patents layout globally.

Influenza is caused by influenza virus, triggering acute respiratory infectious diseases for human beings, poultry and livestock, which posts severe treat for mankind’s health due to its rapid transmission, high morbidity and serious complications. 

If influenza is not treated promptly, patients may develop severe acute lung injury (ALI), causing serious complications such as acute pneumonia, bronchitis, congestive heart failure, gastroenteritis, syncope, hallucinations, which might lead to death.

HMI Group has been dedicated to the R&D of the medicinal value of industrial hemp. Through continuous exploration and innovation, CBD is found to have positive effects to treat many incurable and rare diseases during experiments. HMI Group will fully carry out the research and development plan so as to create the drug as soon as possible.

HMI Group attaches great importance to the intellectual property rights and lays out industrial hemp related patents globally. Up to now, it has already applied nearly 50 pieces of invention patents, 5 of which are international invention patents that are under application.