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HMI Marches into Canadian and Australian Industrial Hemp Markets
August 16th,2017 by HempInvestmentGroup

On August 7, 2017, Mr. Preet Marwaha, CEO of Bluesky (a well-known industrial hemp producer and channel promoter) and his executive team are invited to visit Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd.(HMI Group), headquartered in Beijing. President Tan Xin of HMI Group warmly receives the delegation and the two parties make an in-depth discussion of the development trends of industrial hemp, the market potential and the overseas promotion of industrial hemp products. Finally, they reach a cooperation consensus on the jointly development of CBD and other industrial hemp products and the market exploration and promotion in Canadian and Australian markets.

The next day, the delegation of Bluesky visited Yunnan Hansu Bio-technology Co., Ltd. (Hansu), a subsidiary of HMI Group focusing on the industrial hemp processing and extraction. They fully investigate every workshop of Hansu and discuss deeply with Yu Chaohui, CTO of HMI Group. “Hansu owns the world’s largest industrial hemp extraction factory so far, taking pride in its most sound management system and highest product quality”, the delegation expresses their recognition after investing on the global industrial hemp extraction factory.

As a food and health care company with more than 10 years’ experience, BlueSky has established a rich industrial hemp’s food and health care product line and a mature product channel layout in nearly 100 countries. This visit of HMI Group aims to choose a raw materials producer and a commercial partner globally. 

The two parties achieve a consensus on the jointly development of the end products of cannabis, including food and health care products, pet products and cosmetics etc. and market exploration in Canada and Australia and then globally. They will fully share the existing products, jointly apply product patents and set up joint venture enterprise for win-win cooperation.