News>HMI is invited to visit the renowned cannabis grower in North American
HMI is invited to visit the renowned cannabis grower in North American
August 2nd,2017 by HMI Group

On the morning of July 23rd, a delegation led by HMI president Tanxi was invited to visit the plantation and processing factory of Cannabiotix, which is a renowned cannabis grower in Las Vegas. Both two sides made an in-depth discussion about the market trends and development of the cannabis industry in North America. They achieved cooperation consensus on application of CBD in medical cannabis, the cooperative development of electronic cigarette and the technical exchange in the cannabis plantation and extraction.

 “The market prospect of medical cannabis is very encouraging, especially in the application of cancer treatment, which could really help many patients,” Neema, CEO of Cannabiotix said. Meanwhile, he highly recognized the achievements of HMI, which grew industrial hemp in outdoors largely with the world’s largest CBD extraction base. He hoped to conduct further cooperation with HMI in product development and technical exchanges.

“HMI will always be open-minded and cooperate with global partners to promote the prosperous development of the whole cannabis industry”, HMI president Tanxi remarks.

Cannabiotix is a professional cannabis plantation and extraction company, dedicating to supplying the best quality medical cannabis products for patients. Up to now, it has factories in south California, north California and Las Vegas and owns an outdoors farm with 50 acres. In Las Vegas, it owns 10 greenhouses for planting cannabis with 26 species cannabis being planted.

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