News>HMI assists Public Welfare to Protect Water Safety
HMI assists Public Welfare to Protect Water Safety
July 13th,2017 by HMI Group

On July 4th, 2017 volunteers from HMI and Beijing Water Foundation travel to a primary school in China’s Hebei province and donate two units of water purification equipment to the students there so that they can drink healthy and safe purified water in hot summer.

The primary school has more than 700 teachers and students and their drinking water comes from a water room with no more than 10m2. The water originated from the nearby mountain without purification sometimes is drunk directly by the students, which causes potential hazard.

After learning of the situation, HMI immediately donates two units of automatic water purification equipment, which is capable of boil the water through the self-circulation system and then cool the hot water. Drinking purified water will reduce the occurrence of diseases caused by gastrointestinal bacterial infections, protecting the health of children.

Established in 2008, Beijing Water Foundation is China’s first water foundation shouldering on water protection. As the main donation unit of the foundation, HMI always undertakes public welfare to make contribution to the society. 

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