News>HMI Group is invited to visit KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc
HMI Group is invited to visit KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc
June 22nd,2017 by HempInvestmentGroup

On June 19, 2017, HMI Group President Tanxin and CTO Yu zhaohui as representatives of  Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. are invited to visit KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. KPC’s president Dr Dai Xiaochang warmly welcomes the delegation of HMI Group. The two parties make an in-depth discussion on industrial hemp cooperation.

Both sides exchange views on the status quo and cognition of industrial hemp’s application in biopharmaceuticals. They both recognize the development potential of industrial hemp and reach a preliminary cooperation on APIs. A follow-up project will be actively pushed into achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.

“KPC values industrial hemp’s potential in the field of bio-pharmaceutical and plans to step into the field through the entry point of cannabis extraction of phenolic active ingredients. HMI’s subsidiary Yunnan Hansu biotechnology has a hemp extraction factory base in Yunan province .KPC is the only pharmaceutical company in Yunnan that has the right to produce hemp-related controlled drug”, Dr. Dai Xiaochang expressed his willingness to cooperate with HMI Group and his recognition of HMI Group’s achievement in industrial hemp development.

KPC established in March 1951 listed as one of the new key national high-tech companies and Top 100 companies in the China medical industry. The company’s brands such as Luotai®, Tianxuanqing®, Artemedine®, Artem® and Arco® currently enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad.

About HMI Group

HMI Group is committed to promoting the industrial revolution of biomass to replace minerals and becoming the world leader in hemp industry. For years, HMI Group has made positive contribution to promote the industrial hemp development in China and outstanding achievements in setting the industry standards and norms. It focuses on hemp whole industrial chain investment, in the area of planting, extraction, R&D, production and sales of industrial hemp related products worldwide, covering bio-pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, textile fiber, composite materials, biomass, etc.