News>HMI Group attends the second Technology Diplomat’s Innovation Resource Matchmaking Action
HMI Group attends the second Technology Diplomat’s Innovation Resource Matchmaking Action
May 27th,2017 by HMI Group

On May 25th HMI Group is invited to attend the second Technology Diplomat’s Innovation Resource Matchmaking Action 2017 in Beijing and makes a speech about industrial hemp. Science and technology diplomats to China and representatives of scientific research institutes from EU, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Canada, Sweden, Britain and Finland also attend the action.

This action aims to promote the exchange and cooperation of science and technology better, thus effectively provides science and technology information, technology transfer information and innovation service for research institutes and companies at home and abroad. It contains two parts: the first is science and technology information and innovation resource sharing and the second is the project introduction and B2B connection.In the second part, CEO assistant of HMI Group comprehensively introduces industrial hemp’s development in China and abroad and HMI’s strategic deployment in the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp.

With the rapid progress of hemp legalization worldwide, the “green rush” of hemp is in full swing. Hemp industry has become the new sunrise industry. According to the prediction of ArcView, a famous consulting company in industrial hemp industry, the market value of American hemp industry will reach to $ 35 billion in 2020. In China, industrial hemp with THC lower than 0.3% also receives much attention. People gradually change their attitude towards “Hemp” and begin to scientifically view this magical plant with tremendous medical value.

HMI Group focuses on hemp whole industrial chain investment, in the area of planting, extraction, R&D, production and sales of industrial hemp related products worldwide, covering bio-pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, textile fiber, composite materials, biomass, etc. Yunnan Hansu Bio-technology Co. Ltd., subsidiary company of HMI Group, has built in Kunming the first industrial hemp plant extraction factory in China conforming to the standard of GMP. The establishment of this extraction and separation base provides possibilities of research in treating a variety of refractory diseases such as epilepsy, depression, Parkinson’s, etc. Beijing Hanyi Bio-technology Co., Ltd., also a subsidiary of HMI, is developing the antiepileptic drug “hemp polyphenols tablets” which is supported by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Meanwhile, an antidepressant development has achieved initial results.