News>Two provinces in China legalize the plantation of industrial hemp
Two provinces in China legalize the plantation of industrial hemp
May 27th,2017 by HempInvestmentGroup
Hei Longjiang Province, located in northeast China, has launched “Anti-drug Regulation of Hei Longjiang Province” recently, becoming the second province in China to legalize the plantation of industrial hemp. The Regualtion makes clear requirements for the cultivation, plantation and processing of the industrial hemp and enlarges the plantation area of industrial hemp in Heilongjiang. Before the Regulation, Yunnan province in southwest China is the first province that has legalized and supervised the plantation of industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp plantation in Hei Longjiang province

According to the regulation, the industrial hemp, which has been conformed to the rule, can be planted, sold and processed. The profit of planting industrial hemp is higher than corn but lower than rice. The soil in Hei Longjiang province is not suitable for planting rice and the corn price witnesses a gradual decline. In order to form a new economic growth point and increase farmers’ revenue, the regulation innovatively creates terms for the management and use of industrial hemp, which separates the industrial hemp from drug, allows the local enterprises and individuals to plant, sell and process industrial hemp.

Currently, the total hemp plantation in China is nearly 82000 acres. Sunwu County in Hei Longjiang accounts almost 20% and HMI Group in Hei Longjiang’s Keshan County has nearly 1650 acres’ plantation area. It has the legalized  seed resource of “Hemp NO.1”, with Agriculture Strain Register Certificate. In the future, Hei Longjiang plans to plant 165000 acres industrial hemp, cooperating with HMI group.


Industrial hemp plantation in Yunnan province
Yunnan government executes the “Industrial Hemp Plant and Process License Regulation of Yunnan province”. After its legalization, industrial hemp sees a healthy and rapid development.

Until 2014, China has the largest area to plant industrial hemp, accounting half of the worlds’ plantation area according to the statistics of United Nations’ food agriculture organization. The total ratified industrial hemp in Yunnan is more than 36000 acres, covering 13 cities and 38 counties. HMI Group also has some plantation area in Yunnan province.

In 2012, the government of Yunan province has made industrial hemp as its key developing point for bio-manufacturing industry development. 
Taking advantage of Yunnan’s strategy, in 2016, Hansu Bio-technology Co., Ltd. has built in Kunming the world’s largest industrial hemp plant extraction factory conforming to GMP (Good Manufacture Practices) standards. It can produce and supply stable CBD products with various forms and high purity to the world.