Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI Group) is committed to promoting the industrial revolution of biomass to replace minerals and becoming one of the world leaders in hemp comprehensive application industry. As an outstanding industry representative company in Chinese hemp industry, HMI Group is opposed to the legalization of all forms of recreational hemp. For years, HMI Group has made positive contribution to the vigorous development of industrial use and medical use of hemp in China and made great achievements in setting industry standards and norms. At present, HMI Group is a legal investment company in China focusing on the whole industrial chain of hemp and the direction of biopharmaceutical...
Star Products


Cannaclear is the first hemp cosmetic in China. Its combination of hemp leaf extract and a variety of natural active ingredients can effectively solve the skin inflammatory symptoms, pigment deposition, water oil imbalance and other problem caused by acne.

The product range includes: cleansing foam, essence and cream.

Aima Power

“Aima Power” energy beverage contains hemp seed extracts, gamma aminobutyric acid, etc, which can relax the body and mental stress.

Aima power energy beverage has two flavor, bubble type with fruit flavor and no bubble type with fruit flavour.

SUTIWA, the first relax hemp drink developed and launched by Hanyi Bio-technology Co., Ltd. aims to let more people release pressure and enjoy relax.

The black bottle SUTIWA with lime taste consists of hemp seed extraction, GABA, Flavonoids and gamma aminobutyric acid. It can improve sleep, activate liver function and relieve hangover.

The golden bottle SUTIWA with passion fruit flavor, consists of hemp seed extraction, phosphatidylserine and linolenic acid. It can effectively improve the function of nerve cells, enhance brain activity and improve memory.


Extracted from the industrial hemp (THC level lower than 0.3%)

Pressed directly from the mature stalk of hemp


Purity:20%、80%、90%、95%、98%、99%, customization if other purity needed.

Specification:1kg、5kg、10kg、25kg, customization if other purity needed.

Product package: Pharmaceutical polyethylene film composite bag inside; Aluminum can, Aluminum-plastic film composite bag, fiber can or paper-plastic bag outside.