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Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI Group) is committed to promoting the industrial revolution of biomass to replace minerals and becoming the world leader in cannabis comprehensive application industry. As the leading company in Chinese cannabis industry, HMI Group is opposed to the legalization of all forms of recreational cannabis. For years, HMI Group has made positive contribution to the vigorous development of industrial use and medical use of cannabis in China and made great achievements in setting industry standards and norms. At present, HMI Group is the only legal investment company in China focusing on the whole industrial chain of hemp and the direction of biopharmaceutical.

HMI Group focuses on the whole industrial chain investment of hemp, from breeding, planting, extraction, R&D to production and sales worldwidely, covering areas of biopharmaceutical, health food, medical consumables, beauty and cosmetics, etc. In the meantime, HMI Group keeps deepening the industry analysis and industry layout, building media information platform and sales network, planning and developing exclusive health insurance products of hemp industry, doing research and implementing the “patent pool” strategy, strengthening the creation and application of intellectual property rights and steadily entering into the global market.

HMI Group has created an interdependent, mutually beneficial industrial value chain to realize the comprehensive utilization of cannabis plants. In the breeding and planting areas, HMI Group has invested in Heilongjiang Hanzheng Huoma Investment Co., Ltd., Yunnan Suma Bio-tech Co., Ltd. and obtained the “industrial hemp planting license” issued by Narcotics Bureau. Cooperated with Hemp Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, HMI Group has set up “fiber hemp and hemp breeding demonstration base” in Yunnan and Heilongjiang province, actively advocating the construction of “national cannabis germplasm gene pool”, collecting cannabis plants and wild relatives germplasm resources, and laying the foundation for cultivating cannabis in line with China’s industry management policies and industrial standards and promoting their applications. Presently, the hemp variety “Huoma No.1”for fiber use has achieved crop variety registration certificate of Heilongjiang province, with more than 100 thousand mu (16474 acres) planting area. The hemp (high CBD) variety “Hanma No.1” has already entered the propagation stage.

In the area of hemp extraction, Yunnan Hansu Bio-technology Co. Ltd., subsidiary company of HMI Group, has built in Kunming the first industrial hemp plant extraction factory in China, approved by Yunnan provincial government and Public Security Bureau, with industrial hemp flower and leaf processing license issued. The factory was built conforming to the standard of GMP and it applies alcohol soluble fluid crystallization technology to isolate the non-psychoactive ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp, which has a positive and profound influence to health care industry. The factory is the world’s largest monomer CBD and cannabinoids extraction plant, as well as the only factory in the world that can industrialised the extraction of flavonoid A from cannabis. As the demonstration project of Yunnan Drug Control Bureau, Hansu has achieved success in extracting pharmaceutical raw materials from cannabis that has never been tried by predecessors in China before.

The hemp industry fund, managed by Hemp Fund Management Co., Ltd., and led by the Ministry of science and technology and Tsinghua Holdings, will take part in the phase two project of Hansu cannabis extraction base (The Construction of Yunnan Hanmeng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.). The total investment of phase two project is nearly 200 million yuan, with 35% shares of Hansu through technology investment. With full inspection of global cannabis extraction equipments and manufacturers, the extraction technology of Hansu is accepted by American Kings Royal Biotech and ZRGY Investment Group. The three parties reached an agreement to establish a joint CBD extraction plant in the United States, with 35% shares held by Hansu. Hansu keeps expanding domestic and international markets. The establishment of its extraction and isolation base has provided a reliable guarantee for exploring and studying refractory diseases such as cancer, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and epilepsy, and laid foundation for future biopharmaceuticals development. Galaxy Biomed, Chinese A – share listed company, has made a valuation of Hansu as one billion yuan and announced its attention for the acquisition.

With a core seed variety and full licences, HMI Group has set up Hanyi Bio-technology Co., Ltd., in order to serve the national health strategy actively. Hanyi Bio-technology is a biopharmaceutical enterprise which is mainly engaged in drug research, drug development and commercial operation based on cannabinoids. Hanyi Bio-technology is identified by national authorities as Beijing high-tech enterprise and patent pilot unit. It is also the only company in the industry as Civil-military integrated platform for basic research and application of new drug development.

Hanyi Bio-technology invested in the construction of Life Science Research Institute and established academician workstation in cooperation with Yang Baofeng, president of Harbin Medical University. Meantime, cooperated with domestic and international well-known experts and professors, Hanyi Bio-technology has also set up the pharmaceutical research platform, pharmacological research platform, preparations development platform, plant separation technology research platform. At present, the research institute is responsible for the R&D of new anti epileptic traditional Chinese medicine “cannabis tincture”, which belongs to “ten diseases and ten drugs” project of Beijing Science and Technology Commission. Hanyi Bio-technology is highly recognized by national science and technology department and gets special funding support. The research and development of new drugs for alleviating cancer pain has also made significant progress, which is laying a solid foundation for the replacement of morphine and opioids.

Hanyi Bio-technology pays attention to the protection of intellectual property rights. It has made a comprehensive plan and layout for the global intellectual property rights of the industrial hemp industry, and has declared over fifty domestic and international patents in the field of biopharmaceutics and health. Based on solid basic research and abundant technology reserve, Hanyi Bio-technology found that CBD is effective in treating pulmonary hypertension and avian influenza, which has been applied for international intellectual property protection. As for the worldwide problem of low bioavailability of cannabinoids, Hanyi Bio-technology made significant breakthroughs in 2017 and developed CBD nano water-soluble technology with independent intellectual property rights, paving the way for the development of the painless and anti infectious dressings developed in cooperation with the PLA, and setting the way of cooperation with international pharmaceutical enterprises. Hanyi Bio-technology is already in the leading position of cannabinoid drug adaptation research and will surely release greater potential in the development of new drugs in the future.

In order to ensure the steady development of the pharmaceutical industry, relying on the official approval to the request of R&D and production sales of CBD terminal products, Hanyi Bio-technology sets up the R&D platform for cosmetics and health care products, transforming non pharmaceutical technology achievements into food, health products, cosmetics, etc., which provides strong cash flow support for scientific research. HMI Group currently has established cooperations or joint venture companies with listed companies and industry leaders, including Tongrentang Group, Kunming Traditional Chinese Medicine Factory, Jinmailang Group, Gehua Group, Zeus Entertainment, Xinlong Holdings, Huasheng Group. The downstream industry of HNI Group has entered the stage of value release.

HMI Group responds positively to the national policy “One Belt One Road” and sets the “global strategy” accordingly. As the vanguard to promote the development of civil military integration, HMI Group will continue to explore the field of bio-pharmaceutical and life sciences, inject new vitality into the development of national mass health industry and achieve the globalization of Chinese enterprises.

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Promote the industrial revolution of biomass to replace minerals.


To become the world leader in the hemp industry.


A hemp industry, a lifetime career!


Chairman Mr. Zhang Ke and President Mr. Tan Xin discussed with authority to develop comprehensive utilization technology of hemp and its industrialization.


05 /

The technology innovation strategic alliance of national high value special biological resources industry was established in Beijing.


04.27 /

Strategic cooperation agreement with Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences.


05.08 /

Certificate of registration of crop varieties in Heilongjiang Province.


07.03 /

MWA Group was established, focusing on "industrial hemp, cultural media, Internet technology", the three major strategic investment area layout.


07.07 /

Cooperation agreement in hemp industry was reached with The Central Military Commission Logistics Department Quartermaster Equipment Institute of scientific research.


07.23-07.26 /

The technology innovation strategic alliance of national high value special biological resources industry council, i.e. Hemp Industry Seminar.


09.15 /

Participate in the "national high value special biological, i.e. hemp harvest ceremony.


12.21 /

The Academician Mr. Yang baofeng visited Group to discuss matters of transformation of scientific and technological products.


01.20 /

Obtain the patent right of "a kind of hemp antibacterial liquid and its preparation method and application".


04.09 /

The 2016 Global launch event of the first relaxing drink SUTIWA.


06.02 /

SUTIWA was designated as the official drink in the 2016 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation High Level Forum.


06.15 /

The Group was invited to participate in China International New Material Industry Expo and the 27th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair.


08.11 /

The strategic cooperation agreement was signed between the Group and Harbin Medical University.


09.09 /

Water Foundation of the Group has been identified as charitable organizations.


10.10 /

The Group was invited to attend the 1st Chinese Agricultural (Boao) Forum


11.09 /

The Group and China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries reached a strategic alliance officially.


11.14 /

The Group delegation visited industrial hemp distributor in USA.


11.15 /

Hansu Bio-technology, subsidiary of HMI Group, has built the first industrial hemp plant extraction factory in China conforming to GMP standard.


11.25 /

The Academician Workstation cooperated with Mr. Yang Baofeng, the Academician and president of Harbin Medical University, was established in Kunming city.


11.25 /

The technical innovation strategic alliance of industrial hemp industry was established in Kunming, Yunnan province.


11.25 /

The opening ceremony of Yunnan Hansu industrial hemp extraction factory--the first industrial hemp extraction factory in China.


01.15 /

Organized the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities Council Meeting and Academic Conference in Beijing.


03.15 /

HMI Group, Harbin Medical University and Xin long Group, visited Heihe city and planned to establish a million acres of hemp planting base.


03.20 /

HMI Group and Jiatai shoes Company signed agreement to establish a new material technology company.


03.20 /

CN PEOPLE made an exclusive report about Mr. Tan Xin, the president of HMI Group.