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Chinese Army found hemp as a great solution to conquer the problem of anti-bacteria of clothing and equipment ever happened during war times.

Industrial History

In 1987, Hemp seed was listed in the Food/Medicine List by National Health Department.

In May, 2006, previous Chairman Hujintao visited Hemp plantation.

In 2012, Hemp made socks etc. were woven by Chinese army.

In 2015, “Hemp leaf extraction” is allowed to be used in cosmetics by government agency.

Industrial Research


Industrial hemp not only can be processed into kinds of food and health products such as beverage, beer, but also drugs. The inside phenolic compounds can be used in medication for epilepsy, depression, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, cancer and many other diseases.

Daily Chemicals

Industrial hemp can be developed to daily necessities such as hand sanitizers, air spray, soap, toothpaste, electronic cigarette, etc. Hemp oil has anti-aging and unique penetration and bactericidal effect that can be produced to various types of cosmetics.


Natural hemp fiber is antibacterial, breathable, quick-drying, anti-UV, and can be developed for medical gauze, baby diaper, sanitary towel.

New Materials

Industrial hemp fiber can be made into composite materials, which is used for auto parts, flooring and wallpaper.

New Energy

Hemp oil can be used for synthetic biofuel that is renewable energy with low carbon.

Replace Petroleum

Industrial Hemp has almost covered 14 industries, thousands of products.


HMI Group as the standing director member of Chinese Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance of High Value Special Biological Resources, member of European Industrial Hemp Association and American Hemp Association, HMI Group also actively participates in promoting the industry and has made a series of achievements:

Established the Yang Baofeng Academician Workstation in Beijing and Yunnan, providing technical support for industrial hemp product innovation and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine;Initiated the establishment of the "Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovation for Hemp Industry” (SATIHI), providing a platform to enhance independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of industrial hemp industry;

Actively participated in the construction of Beijing traditional medicine, with "Anti-epilepsy Drugs Project" approved and supported by Beijing Science and Technology Commission under "Ten diseases and ten medicines" R&D project, which is also highly recognized by the Beijing municipal government;

Positively responded to the Ministry of Science and Technology, committed to the construction of Yunnan Science and Technology, HMI Group has been listed as important signing company to promote the science and technology of Yunnan.

  • Growth(plant)
    Extraction(raw material)
    R&D(consumer products)
  • Seed
    Hemp seed meal
    Hemp seed oil
    Nutrition additive, protein powder, animal food
    Cosmetics, health care products
  • Flower
    Food, medicine, health care products, daily chemicals, soft drugs (electronic cigarette)
  • Skin
    Hemp fiber
    (long, short and hards)
    Textiles, building materials, heat insulation / insulation materials, automotive / aerospace materials, medical equipment, nursing supplies
  • Stalk
    Building material, superfine powder, wood ceramic, activated carbon, viscose fiber, fiber reinforced composite material
  • Root
    Other components
    Fuel, battery positive and negative materials